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Retired Trooper - Retired Life After Retirement

You’ve been a trooper now for how many years? Time has flown and you’re finally there; retirement age. Wow, what happened to the time? Maybe you are already retired, or maybe the reality that the time is about here has finally set in. Hopefully you have given some thought as to what you will be doing when that day comes. It seems like yesterday that the kids were in grade school. Now they are college graduates and out on their own. You’re facing that empty house syndrome. What will life be like after retirement? Retired life will definitely be different, but that doesn't need to be a bad thing.

What happens when a trooper retires? When most troopers and police officers retire, they are still relatively young. Maybe that’s you. The average retirement age of a California Highway Patrol officer is 53. For local police officers, the average retirement age is 55. State prison guards average closer to age 60. Recently, the longest serving trooper on the Utah Highway Patrol retired after 34 years as a trooper. The average lifespan of a U.S. male is now 75.6 years of age. The lifespan of females is a little longer; averaging 78.3. These figures were based on statistics gathered from 2005 through 2010.

What does the average retired trooper do with the rest of his or her life? This website is dedicated to retired troopers and law enforcement officers and to their life after police work; or at least their life after full time police work. There are a number of directions one might choose following retirement from law enforcement jobs. Depending on the agency one retries from, many in law enforcement draw a pretty decent retirement. This affords them to do more of the things they enjoy doing following retirement than many who retire from the private sector.

As a retired trooper, you may want to get caught up on those honey-do lists. Get that 18 volt cordless drill out because you are going to need it. Your honey has a lot of projects she has been waiting on. And for a while, you may want to work some of them into your busy schedule. Maybe you need to build a new home for your best friend. He’ll enjoy that new dog house with a porch to relax on, like his retired owner. If you’re not an experienced woodworker, you will probably want to find some good dog house plans to follow.

But before you get too buried with projects around the house, maybe it’s time to dust off those golf clubs and hit the gold course. After all, you haven’t had a lot of time for golf until now. Maybe take a couple of days per week and hit the local courses. Or, if you are planning on doing more travel, schedule some of the nicer courses as you are traveling through.

Not every retired trooper is in the same financial situation. You may have been a victim of the housing bubble burst and may be upside down on your home. You are still healthy and in good physical shape. You may want to find one of a number of good part time jobs for retired police officers. That may be something you hadn’t thought of, but there are a lot of related jobs that are perfect for a retired trooper.

So what are some of these jobs for a retired trooper to do to earn a few extra bucks? Depending on your education level, you may want to consider doing some part time instruction at the local police academy. After all, you have a lot of years’ experience under your belt. You know from personal experience the answer to "should I become a cop?" Maybe you can help others who are checking out the profession. Of if you have a Master’s degree in criminal justice, after retirement you may be able to teach some classes on the local collage campus.

There are a number of other jobs that may interest you as a retired trooper. Working for an armored transport company may be appealing. You would still be on the road and continue to carry a weapon. Or you may want to consider being a personal guard for a celebrity. If you enjoy the nightclub environment, you could be a bouncer at a local club. There are also a lot of security guard jobs available. Shopping malls, banks, hotels and hospitals normally have their own security guards. At times, they hire a security company who supplies the guards. So you may want to check out various security companies as well.

Being retired, you may want to donate some of your time to a boys' club or help coach a little league team or a Pop Warner basketball team. There are a lot of rewarding opportunities awaiting you if you are interested. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to retirement; don't just sit around and be a couch potato. Be active and enjoy the rest of your retired life. Being a retired trooper has a lot of benefits. You have lived a useful life to this point. Maybe you can now pass on the baton and be a coach to support others in their endeavors. Retired life can be just as rewarding as your career was.